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It is always a joy to welcome new members into the life of a congregation, even more so to welcome a new member into the life of a new congregation. Photo above is for Muriel Pedersen and Pastor Glynis Faith.

The process of discerning membership involves taking time to consider one’s faith journey, finding a congregation that is a fit for this length of your journey, and an agreement with the beliefs and practices of the congregation. Membership has both benefits and responsibilities and should only be entered into after taking time for prayerful and thoughtful discernment. Congregations are blessed when the members and leadership have taken time to seek the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit in such matters.

FaithWorks Ministries, one of the ministries within Living Stones Churches, had the great joy of welcoming its first professing member and covenant partner, Muriel Pedersen, on Sunday April 2, 2023.

FaithWorks focuses on small group discipleship and ministering to the spiritual needs of older seniors. Once a month we gather to be fed Spiritually and physically, celebrating the sacrament of  Communion, followed by a community potluck. The congregation serves the local retirement homes by providing weekly worship and Bible studies opportunities at the seniors residences. The congregation meets each Sunday in various public locations, which has opened doors for people to ask questions, listen in, check us out, and join in the conversations. We also provide online study groups, which are attended by people from the Maritimes, northern and southern Ontario, as well as one participant from Scotland.

Pastor Glynis Faith is the founder of FaithWorks Ministries and serves with directors, Ralph and Victoria Culham and Stewart and Rose Razavet. Having completed months of work on doctrine, By-Laws, and legal documents, the Council was delighted to turn its focus on the life of the congregation. What a joy and privilege it was for them to consider and extend a welcome to Muriel as the first professing member.

Muriel has been with FaithWorks since we began meeting in various locations throughout Gravenhurst in November 2022. She graciously opened her home to host a 12 week study of Max Lucado’s ‘Unshakeable Hope,’ where engaging conversations opened further dialogue around what it means to believe in and follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Muriel enjoys the small group worship/study format of our Sunday services, appreciating the opportunity to be part of the conversations. She also appreciates the regular focus on engaging in our relationship with Jesus and growing in our faith.

We welcome Muriel as the first professing member and covenant partner of FaithWorks Ministries, and we look forward to where God is leading this small congregation of disciples of Jesus.

Muriel Pedersen

Ralph Culham, Muriel Pedersen, and Victoria Culham



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