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As Living Stones grows in numbers and ministry, we will be experiencing many ‘firsts’.  We look forward to our first National Gathering, our first Regional Elders group being established, our first new church plant and so on.  For now, those ‘firsts’ may be more localized but something to celebrate all the same.

The Cariboo House Churches was the first congregational ministry to join with Living Stones.  We were received at the same time as our first outreach ministry – Faithworks in Gravenhurst Ontario which reaches out in pastoral care to seniors in the area.

Last week the Cariboo House Churches were excited to ordain the first elder into a Living Stones congregation.  Onno Vanden Hoek was elected in 2022 by the congregation but we waited to ordain him into the new Living Stones manifestation of the mission in the Cariboo.  Onno first took his vows as a Covenant Partner in the Cariboo House Churches (also a first we believe) and then the Elder’s Council proceeded to ordain him.  Onno has been a wonderful addition to the council with his wisdom, patience, and spiritual maturity.

In the coming weeks and months the congregation will invite the former members of the Cariboo Presbyterian Church to transfer their membership into a Covenant Partnership with this Living Stones ministry and then we will encourage those who have been ‘adherents’ to consider making the commitment to becoming Covenant Partners as well.  After that step, we will be seeking to discern if God is calling any new elders into leadership among us.

The Cariboo House Churches are excited to be a part of this new Living Stones family and look forward to welcoming more congregations and ministries to walk with us.  Let’s see what other ‘firsts’ God brings our way together!


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