Living Stones:
A Movement of Reformed
Churches in Canada

An Overview of the Polity

Our Mission

“To plant and grow expressions of the Body of Christ that produce flourishing disciples of Jesus.”

Living Stones has constituted itself into a three-tier structure in the service of our Lord and Saviour

1. Structure

2. Fellowship and Peer Accountability

Fellowship for encouragement, edification, mentoring, learning and accountability is vital to a healthy church. Having said that, we recognize as Living Stones makes a beginning our numbers will not require all the various levels of fellowship groups spoken of in our polity. Therefore, our beginnings may be modest in numbers and subsequently what is intended by the various groups listed below may be better served initially, by the first Mission Affinity Group. As God’s blessing enables growth, other groups may be added as needed to best serve the whole body for the glory of God.

Is the mechanism through which communities of faith (congregations) can be in relationship with one another for the purpose of encouragement and accountability. This fellowship will be vital right from the moment that Living Stones is established. Our numbers will be small and we will most likely be spread over long distances of one another. Creativity will be an asset to find ways to engage in fellowship to support one another in fulfilling God’s mission.
As more and more expressions of faith (congregations) are planted or joined the fellowship of Living Stones, it may be necessary to establish a fellowship group that is focused on leaders, ordinarily, pastors and associate pastors. The when, how and so forth of these groups can be discerned by the RE and presented at a National Engagement Conference for consideration.
Like the Pastoral Covenant Groups above, this team will most likely not be needed at first, but may prove useful when sufficient numbers of RE have been established to serve the growing Body. Its purpose is to serve as a body to work with other REs and exercise the authority of specific functions given to it by the RE.
In the future, when Living Stones has grown with an oversight of a large number of REs, it may be necessary to establish a standing group whose ministry is the exercise of discipline and associated matters within its bounds. Till then, this commission will not be needed as Living Stones makes a beginning.
This is an executive of the RE in function and would be implemented only when growth warrants.

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