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April 5, 2024 marked the gathering of over 30 people for the inaugural National Engagement Conference of Living Stones: A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada.  The group included Covenant Partners of Living Stones as well as many others from a variety of different churches who came to take in the fellowship and teaching. Enjoying the hospitality of Kortright Presbyterian Church in Guelph ON, the participants were blessed throughout the day with the chance to meet one another face-to-face after many had been connecting on zoom Town Hall meetings for the previous 2 years or more.  The day began and finished with worship led by a fantastic worship team from Kortright. There was a freedom in worship for everyone to express their love and joy at being in the presence of the Almighty God either with flags, dance or quietly in their seats.  All were welcome.  Before being sent out to our own ministries and communities, we celebrated together at the Lord’s table.

Three workshops based on the key words in the Living Stones mission statement became the basis for the educational component of the day.  Plant – a workshop led by Cathi Kennelly Cameron engaged people in considering church planting, re-planting and re-imagining.  As we move into the future, some ministries will be planted from small seeds. Others will be re-planted and still others will be looking at new ways of being the church and witnessing in their particular contexts.  Cathy provided the opportunity to talk about how each of these could be approached to further the goals of the kingdom.

The Grow workshop was led by Jason Persaud from Alpha Canada and gave a great overview of what the Alpha program is now as it has grown over the years.  Jason presented ideas for outreach and the important aspects of how we reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ in the current cultural climate.

For the church to Flourish, we need to disciple people and that was the topic of the workshop led by Pastor Nagi Said. Nagi began with a discussion of our own experiences of being discipled and led us through a scriptural journey that demonstrated the key ways that people can and do grow in their faith into true disciples.

Videos are available on our YouTube channel of the welcome, workshops and AGM.

Of course at any gathering of the body of Christ, sharing meals and snacks becomes a great avenue for connecting and conversation.  Subway for lunch and then Afghani food for dinner nourished our bodies and helped us to celebrate being together.

The business that needed to be done for our AGM consisted of passing a basic budget for the year, electing the steering council for the coming year as well as a board of directors in line with the structure of our incorporation.  The Steering Council consists of: Adel Shenouda, Nagi Said, Mark Outerbridge, Brian Lee, Derek Krunys, Martin Kreplin, Glynis Faith, Joel Coppieters and Shannon Bell.  Directors on the board are Doug Cameron, Derek Krunys and John Park.  Currently there are 2 ministries who are Covenant Partners in Living Stones:  Faithworks Ministry in Gravenhurst ON and Cariboo House Churches in the Cariboo/Chilcotin region of BC.  We have 8 pastors who are Covenant Partners:  Shannon Bell, Doug Cameron, Ben Cousineau, Glynis Faith, Martin Kreplin, Derek Krunys, John Park and Jon Wyminga.   The exciting thing about the business of the AGM was that it was completed in 17 minutes!

Planning is in the works already for the 2nd Annual National Engagement Conference for 2025.  We welcome input and are excited to anticipate what God will do among us in the coming year that we’ll be able to report on next spring.


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