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Are you looking for a Christ Centered worshipping community?

How about fellowship with Christians from coast to coast?

Join us Sunday April 2, 2023

for devotion & discussion with prayer & fellowship every Sunday!


6:15pm ET ☺ Gathering (open Zoom 15mins prior to devotion for greetings & chit chat)
6:30pm ET ☺ Opening Prayer
☺ Devotion (led by one of our worship leaders)
☺ Reflections based on devotion
☺ Prayer requests
☺ Prayer
☺ Announcements
7:30pm ET ☺ Benediction

Room stays open for 15 minutes to allow further conversation for those wishing to continue a conversation.

Each Sunday the Zoom Room will open at 6:15pm ET, 7:45pm NT, 7:15pm AT, 3:15pm PT.


If you would like the Zoom link to join in the fellowship,

please contact Pastor Glynis Faith


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