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But Where is the Stable?

But Where is the Stable? By Shannon Bell Bethlehem, West Bank. May 2023. We’re going to see where they believe Jesus was born. We’ll get to see the stable! That was the chatter as our tour bus of 34 Canadians rolled into the town of Bethlehem. Once off the bus, we began to see the busy streets filled with with shops. Stars & Buck Cafe. John The Baptist Souvenir Shop. Christmas Bells Restaurant. And then we arrived at the Church of the Nativity expecting to see a lowly cave for animals where our Lord was born in humility and

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Living Stones Online Fellowship

LIVING STONES ONLINE FELLOWSHIP A supportive Christ-centered worshipping community welcoming Christians from coast to coast Always open to newcomers! Re-launching Sunday November 5th 2023 6:15pm ET  Pre-meeting gathering for conversation and usually a few laughs 6:30pm ET  Opening Prayer Devotion & discussion (led by one of our worship leaders) Praying together Announcements 7:30pm ET  Benediction Room will stay open a further 15 minutes for those who want to continue chatting Each Sunday the Zoom Room will open at 3:15pm PT 6:15pm ET 7:15pm AT 7:45pm NT If you have any questions or you would like the Zoom link to join

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Living Stones Ambassadors!

Living Stones Ambassadors! Would you like to meet a Living Stones ambassador?  And what is that you ask?  The Cambridge Dictionary defines an ambassador as: a person who represents, speaks  for or advertises a particular organization, group of people, activity, or brand.  Living Stones is definitely not a brand (though we do have our own swag!) but we do have people who represent and speak for us to those who are wanting to hear more. We have some incredible people in leadership who are willing to spend time with you, your group, your session or congregation to share the journey

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