Living Stones

A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada

Who we are

We are deeply rooted in the theological and ecclesiastical traditions of the historic Reformed faith.

What we believe

In the spirit of 1 Corinthians 15:3 (ESV), we remain subordinate to the Scripture, which is the standard of all truth.

How we function

We are committed to a mutual structure that empowers churches to fulfill the mission of God’s kingdom.

Articles from our

News & Views

  • If COVID gave us one thing, it was the ability to effectively meet across the country through technology.  It has opened doors to meeting people and working together that previously […]

  • Bethlehem, West Bank. May 2023. We’re going to see where they believe Jesus was born. We’ll get to see the stable! That was the chatter as our tour bus of […]

  • LIVING STONES ONLINE FELLOWSHIP A supportive Christ-centered worshipping community welcoming Christians from coast to coast Always open to newcomers! Re-launching Sunday November 5th 2023 6:15pm ET  Pre-meeting gathering for conversation […]

  • Living Stones Ambassadors! Would you like to meet a Living Stones ambassador?  And what is that you ask?  The Cambridge Dictionary defines an ambassador as: a person who represents, speaks  […]

  • It is always a joy to welcome new members into the life of a congregation, even more so to welcome a new member into the life of a new congregation. […]

  • As Living Stones grows in numbers and ministry, we will be experiencing many ‘firsts’.  We look forward to our first National Gathering, our first Regional Elders group being established, our […]

The Up Devotional By Matthew Ruttan